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About Film & Animation / Student Member Ruby AlcarinFemale/Russia Groups :iconhottiestkacoupleever: HottiestKAcoupleEVER
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deviation in storage by Altarior



TEND-pg44 by Riadorana
Preveous Next should be the week after next one since I won't be around computer for some time

The begining:…

Русский: Никак руки не дойдут...

The Emperor's New School (c) Disney
Park of lovers by Riadorana
Park of lovers
For :iconrevan005:

Relic the Pika
x Tails [Sonic]
Carmelita [Sly Cooper] x Toriko[Toriko]
Pandora x Benjamin [Geronimo Stilton]
RJ x Heather [Over the Hedge]
Buttons x Rita [Animaniacs]
Tails x Sticks [Sonic]
Coco [Toriko] x Nico Robin [One Piece]
Diego x Scratte [Ice Age]
Ant-man x Vespa [Avengers]
Mewtwo x Gardevoir [Pokemon]
Crunch Bandicoot [Crash Bandicoot]x Bunnie Rabbot [Sonic]
Kron [OC of :iconrevan005:]x Marlene [Pinguins of Madagascar]
Copperhead x Cheetah [DC comics]
Scutter x Spinlyn [Legend of Chima]
Nick[OC of :iconrevan005:] x Aeris [VGcats]
Spider-man x White Tigress [Ultimate Spider-man]
Repton x Suzy Lu [Stormhawks]
Mechamorph[Ben10] x Way [The World of Quest]
Tyrannicus x Fuschia[Animalia]
Prince x Fairy [Gaiapolis]
Emily [FC of :iconlivinlovindude:]x Diamondman[OC of :iconrevan005:]
Zeron [OC of :iconrevan005:] x Tigress [Kung Fu Panda]
Count Nefarious x Ms Fortune[Toonstruck]
Gorbash [Flight of dragons] x Amalthea [The last Unicorn]
Doomsday [Justice League] x Minerva Mink [Animaniacs]
Deoxys x Mienshao [Pokemon]
Razer x Ghia'ta [Green Lantern]
Shahvee [Elderscrolls] x Rojon[OC of :iconrevan005:]
Toothless x Stormfly [How to Train Your Dragon]
Lugia x Latias [Pokemon]
Megahorn x Serpentina [Power Rangers]
Zilla jr. [Godzilla] x Ginormica [Monsters vs Aliens]
Acacius x Monthra [Godzilla]
Liopleurodon x Basilosaurus [Walking with Dinosaurs]

I hope I didn't miss anyone^^' Yes, 2 Tails
And it's 2015 already. Wow. Time really runs fast...

Have a good year, everyone:D

PS: point commission option will be avaliable after I finish 3 pictures with many-many characters. Also the journal with prices and stuff will be submitted, of course)


Ruby Alcarin
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Name: ... FB VK
Age: I forgotOo
Height: about 1.7m(5'07")
Weight: Variable

Skype: Dori-orasama
Nintendo 3DS: (RUB) 0146-8973-8788

Nickname origin: I've read the book of Andre Norton "Elvenblood" there was a female dragon with that name.(it actually spells Rhiadorana in English but I didnt have internets back then to check... and I've read the book in russian obviously, and there wasn't any "h"s... And then I just used to spell it like this))
The second one is just my IRLname converted with a hobbit-elven name generator


I can understand and speak
-По-Русски-ибо родной)

-English-The very first foreign language but I still make a lot of mistakes

-Italiano-Posso fare moltissimi errori

-Français-Je peu faire beaucoup d'erreurs

-Español-Aprendí hace muchos años. No pràctica. Pero puedo intentar.


Im self-taught. I never studied at art school. But two of my friends did.

But then

In the end of 2013 I've started to go to the art school for adults "Arctica" to study drawing
in July 2014 I've studied base drawing and since October 2014 I study to be cartoonist in Scuola Comics in Italy)

MyAnimeList Stamp by Evethar

nomnomnom by someth1ngw1cked… <-My Pets
This is a personality test…

I dont know what else can I say

And now stamps made by other people gonna tell you about me and my preferences:

Thank You... by jennyleighComment Stalker Stamp by Drick96Accept yourself by Kashouni

:thumb98874067:I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDaltonBut still draw them

Genius Tablet User by transylvaniandreams((Genius G-Pen M712 Tablet) December 2009-April 2013)
Now I use Wacom Cintiq:D
Digital Art stamp by LumarisMessy Desk Stamp by Bugspray609Music Stamp by JetProwerTheFox:thumb151150360:
:thumb52249405:YES, I WATCH PORN - stamp by arisu-in-wonderlandDirty minded by the-sorcress:thumb132521633:
Thoughts Stamp by PUNURMiOFAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHakuStamp by LaylaTheBlackCheetah
Perfect Boyfriend by xxLiveEverySecondxxAnd the most important thing: he doesn't fuck your mind
My mental health is ok now and I have moar free time... I'm SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!:D


The X Files by phantomX-Files Stamp by Naaya-NekoX Stamp by GabbyWonkaSTAMP: The X-Files by neurotripsy

:thumb158795847:I Love All Pokemon Stamp by KawaiiChan789Endless Jump Rope by azianwolfdollPokemon Overload by KyogreMaster
raichu stamp by PFV0-StampSo I herd u liek mudkips? by Cathines-StampsI Want N Back by Anawielle:thumb92244020:Charmeleon Stamp by Kevfin:thumb178033326::thumb189074438:Pikachu Stamp by Kezzi-RoseTeam Rocket stamp by Koriiko-chanPokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDuke

DBZ Stamp by MajinPat Vejita is GOD stamp by aoi-ryu<-I really pray to himOo
Bulma stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsDBZ: Vegeta x Bulma by Before-I-SleepVegeta hentai - stamp by pallottili
Saiyans stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsThe Maijn Side by MK-FireQueenTenkaichi Budoukai Lovers by Chuquita

Team Four Star Abridge Stamp by DbzbabeHey Vegeta by Stock7000Goku Abridged Stamp by ArizonaRedYay BEER stamp by NightTrackerI can see the Future Stamp by ArizonaRed
Popo Stamp by greenmamba5


:iconheart3dplz: The shippings I love :iconheart3dplz:
1)MulderXScully(The X-files)
3)KuzcoxMalina(The Emperor's New School)

Current Residence: Italy, Florence
Favourite genre of music: ...erm... anime OSTs
Favourite photographer: my mom =D
Favourite style of art: ...erm... anime
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: if anyone cares… it wasAdefault image Im too lazy to changeit
Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta, Kuzco, Quest
Fav Quote:"Скиннер: Агент Малдер, немедленно достаньте Доггетта из унитаза!
Малдер*спуская воду*: Поздно, сэр..."
("Skinner: Agent Mulder, drag agent Doggett out of the toilet bowl at once!
Mulder *flushing the toilet*: Too late, sir...")

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লামা জন্য ধন্যবাদ!
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